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EPIC Imaging: Celebrating 50 Years of Premium Healthcare

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of EPIC Imaging being in practice. This is a milestone of which all at EPIC are justifiably proud – and what a journey it has been since their doors first opened fifty years ago! EPIC’s story is one of vast technological evolution, the extent of which could not have […]

A Short History of Medical Imaging – Part Two

Continuing from our last post on the history of medical imaging… Soon after x-rays were discovered, French scientist Henri Becquerel discovered naturally occurring radioactivity. He found, while investigating the properties of fluorescent minerals, that certain atoms self-disintegrated; he used photographic plates to record this fluorescence. When storing uranium with photographic plates in a closed drawer, […]


How much will my exam cost? Exam prices vary by procedure but you will be happy to know EPIC Imaging is one of the most cost effective centers in the region. Our pricing is consistently lower than every major hospital and other outpatient facilities. Our staff will gladly provide you with a cost overview of […]

EPIC Imaging

Combining all major medical imaging technologies with compassionate and professional staff makes EPIC Portland’s leading outpatient practice. Unlike many other facilities in the area, EPIC is independently owned. The doctors who refer to us have absolutely no financial interest or ownership in our center and do not profit by referring you to us for care. […]


MRI Defined Magnetic Resonance Imaging, commonly referred to as MRI, provides a remarkable window to the body’s internal structures. It has become an invaluable diagnostic tool replacing many invasive surgical procedures. Unlike other techniques, MRI does not use radiation. It combines a powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses and a computer to generate highly detailed […]


X-Ray Exam Overview X-ray technology today is more commonly referred as general radiography. It uses a controlled beam of energy to produce digital images of the body’s internal structures. It is commonly used to assess broken bones, bone health, pneumonia or other lung ailments, joint space ailments and to locate foreign bodies. There are no […]

Upper GI

Upper GI Exam Overview An Upper GI exam is a digital fluoroscopy (x-ray) procedure that evaluates the structure and function of the upper portion of the digestive system. It is commonly used for the diagnosis and assessment of stomach ulcers, difficulty swallowing, stomach pain or heartburn and unexplained vomiting. The preparations for an Upper GI […]


Vascular Ultrasound Exam Overview Vascular Ultrasound is a safe and painless diagnostic procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to evaluate the circulatory system. It is non-invasive and no radiation is involved. Vascular ultrasound in commonly used to diagnose blocked arteries and veins. You may prefer to wear loose, comfortable two-piece clothing for your exam. […]